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Reasons to establish paternity in Florida

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | Divorce

Children are a joy to behold and bring boundless love and laughter into our lives. However, sometimes it is important to establish paternity to ensure legal rights and responsibilities are properly recognized.

As a Florida father, establishing paternity has numerous benefits for your child. Here are several reasons to establish paternity.

Visitation and custody rights

When you establish paternity, you can gain visitation and custody rights, allowing you to actively participate in your child’s life and upbringing. This ensures that you have a legal right to spend time with your child, make important decisions regarding their welfare and build a meaningful relationship with them. Establishing paternity also provides a foundation for co-parenting arrangements, encouraging cooperation and communication between you and the child’s other parent for the benefit of the child’s well-being.

Inheritance and benefits

Your child can inherit from you and potentially receive various benefits once paternity is established. In Florida, establishing paternity ensures that your child is entitled to inherit from you in the event of your passing, including any assets, property or benefits you may have. This can provide financial security for your child’s future and ensure that they are cared for even after you’re no longer around. Once paternity is established, your child may also be eligible for certain government benefits, such as Social Security, veteran’s benefits and health insurance coverage, if applicable.

Medical histories

Knowing both sides of the family’s medical history can be crucial for your child’s healthcare decisions and potential future medical needs. With established paternity, your child can access medical information from both biological parents, which can aid healthcare providers in diagnosing and treating any health conditions more effectively. This knowledge can be particularly vital in instances where there are hereditary diseases or conditions that run in the family.

If you are looking to establish paternity, consider seeking legal guidance to help ensure you do it within the framework of Florida’s legal requirements and procedures.