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You Have A Right To Your Kids

Every father has the right to a relationship with their child. Whether you were married to your child’s mother, divorced or were never married to begin with, you still have the same rights and responsibilities for your children.

However, if you were never legally married to your child’s mother, the state does not recognize your legal rights to your child. Your next step is to establish your paternity so you can help raise your children.

Establishing paternity is essential in ensuring that you receive the parenting rights you deserve as a father. Every child’s parents have a duty to support them and maintain a relationship.

Our experienced paternity lawyers at Divorce For Men in Clearwater, Florida, can help you in your paternity action to secure legal rights to your child.

Helping Fathers Establish And Uphold Paternal Rights

In Florida, the law recognizes the husband as the biological father when a married couple has a child. When an unmarried woman has a child, a DNA paternity test is often required to establish paternity rights. Once established, a father can claim his parental rights through a parenting plan or specified parenting time with their child.

Establishing paternity is an essential step in fulfilling legal and financial obligations as a parent, including:

  • Inheritance rights
  • Legal rights involving probate
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Access to medical records
  • Social Security disability or death benefit eligibility
  • Child support eligibility

The paternity process can be complex, but our experienced paternity attorneys can help guide you through the process and fight for your rights.

Whether you need to help defend your right to spend time with your kids in court or work out an amicable parenting time schedule, Divorce For Men has the tools to help you.

Ensuring Your Parental Rights

We can help you establish your paternity rights and pursue your right to spend time with and care for your child.

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