Giving Men An Equal Voice In Divorce

“We live in a time when men are called upon to serve as parents in every way. Making sure they get treated properly in court has been the focus of my career.” – Johnny D. Drizis 

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Do You Know Your Rights As A Father?

Men have rights when it comes to parenting time. Yet so many fathers feel helpless when it comes time to determine a child custody arrangement.

The truth is, many men simply do not know what their rights are from a legal perspective when it comes to parenting.

Don’t let misinformation or fear keep you from valuable time with your children. Florida courts do not favor one parent over the other. Get an advocate attorney on your side as you face these important decisions.

Concerned For Your Long-Term Needs

Divorce isn’t the easy way out. At Divorce For Men, we urge that divorce should be the last option and that our clients consider counseling with a pastor, priest or other professional. But when reconciliation isn’t an option, we are here.

We work with men facing all issues related to their divorce – parenting time, child support, alimony, property division, and much more. We also work with men seeking a modification of existing orders in the years following divorce or separation.


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