Giving Men An Equal Voice In Divorce

Minimizing Stress Is Possible In A Divorce

Divorce is rarely easy. You are ending your marriage and a significant chapter of your life. However, the process itself doesn’t have to be a fight.

At Divorce For Men, we proudly offer our clients options beyond typical divorce representation in the Clearwater, Florida, area. We know first-hand the toll a messy divorce can take on a family, and we want to help you avoid that pain and minimize stress throughout the process.

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce allows a couple to negotiate a fair settlement for both sides without court involvement. Negotiation and mediation are used to reach an agreement on crucial terms, including property division and child custody.

Our experienced divorce attorneys can help determine if collaborative divorce is the right choice for you. It largely depends on each spouse’s ability and willingness to work together to seek a resolution that is fair to both parties.

A Divorce Proceeding That Starts With The Intent To Compromise

Collaborative divorce takes courtroom proceedings out of the equation. Instead of fighting in front of a judge, you work with your attorney and various professionals depending on your needs. Other neutral parties, including financial experts, child welfare specialists and mental health professionals, can step in if the divorce is high-conflict or the parties cannot agree on an issue.

Collaborative divorce attorneys are specially trained in the type of negotiation needed to facilitate these agreements. Our lawyers have the training and experience to help you facilitate a collaborative divorce that can save you time, money and heartache.

We know that a divorce can be strenuous on your finances and your family, so we always aim for parties to finalize their divorce efficiently and without spending much money. Although this method of divorce is more peaceful than others, we will still fight for your interests aggressively yet respectfully, ensuring that your voice is heard.

Saving You The Time And Stress Of A Regular Divorce Proceeding

Our divorce attorneys at Divorce For Men have extensive experience representing clients in Clearwater throughout the collaborative divorce process. We can help you reach an agreement with your spouse that saves you pain, time and money.

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