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Divorce registries can be used by men, too

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2024 | Divorce

There are a number of relatively new phenomena surrounding divorce that are helping some people to recognize, and even celebrate, the new start it provides. Consider divorce parties, divorce getaways with a group of friends and divorce registries, for example.

While registries (particularly wedding and baby registries) have long been associated with women, husbands and fathers have certainly benefitted from them. Even though divorce registries initially were largely aimed at women, men have discovered their value – particularly if they’re the ones who have moved out of family home and need more furniture and housewares than they were able to take with them.

How can a divorce registry help you?

If you’re divorcing, know that there are special divorce registry sites like Divorcist and Fresh Starts. These let people ask their friends for things they need, or just fun things, as well as help with everything from moving to dog walking to painting a room. You can also just ask for cash.

The Fresh Starts site lets people choose, among other things, room “bundles” from which people can choose items of all price points. Maybe you need to set up a room for your child or a home office. You can also choose a kitchen bundle if you need to restock your kitchenware and small appliances.

You don’t have to choose a divorce registry. You can create your own. Major retailers like Amazon and Target let people create registries for virtually any occasion. If you want to ask friends and family for things, you can simply include a link to your registry on your social media pages or on group emails or texts you use to announce that the divorce is final. It’s also something you can direct people to when they want to know how they can help.

A registry shouldn’t replace a fair property division agreement

These registries are best used to help people start their newly single lives. That can mean finally having a living room decorated in a style you like or simply getting some smaller items your spouse kept – like wall art or exercise equipment. By not fighting with your spouse over the smaller stuff, you have more time and energy to focus on pursuing the property you most want to keep.