Giving Men An Equal Voice In Divorce

Focused Divorce Representation To Help Men And Fathers

Divorce can change the trajectory of your entire life. You had a plan for how your life would look 10 years from now, only for that vision to be taken away. Men often face unique challenges in divorce and may often feel that they are fighting a losing battle.

At Divorce For Men, we are committed to meeting these unique challenges head-on to fight for the best interests of men and fathers in divorce.

Our experienced Clearwater, Florida, attorneys have first-hand and personal experience with divorce, and we know that these cases must be handled with consideration and sensitivity. We can provide you with the legal, professional and personal support you need to get through your divorce and come out ahead.

We Understand The Challenges Men Specifically Face In A Divorce

In Florida, a divorce is called a dissolution of marriage, and it begins with a petition from one of the spouses. You can file for a simplified dissolution of marriage or a regular dissolution of marriage, depending on your situation and what best suits your needs.

A simplified dissolution of marriage is filed when there are no shared children involved, all property is divided or decided upon, and both spouses waive their right to a hearing. If the spouses do not meet these criteria, a regular dissolution of marriage must be filed.

A regular dissolution of a marriage often involves a hearing or negotiations. More paperwork, including a time-sharing schedule, is submitted to the court when children are involved.

Who Pays For Attorneys’ Fees?

The answer largely depends on your financial situation and if any assets in the divorce are contested.

Generally, attorney fees come from a marital pot unless one party makes more income to pay for the ongoing expenses. You will pay the same attorney fees if your income is the same. The answer becomes more complicated if there is a fight about property or assets.

If you are considering filing for divorce, we can help you determine your best option. If your spouse has already filed, we can help you with the next steps.

We Won’t Let You Settle For Less Than You Deserve

After going through his own divorce, our founding attorney, Johnny D. Drizis, dedicated his career to helping men in similar positions. We understand how divorce proceedings can make you feel like you deserve less, so we tailor our approach to fight that idea and get you what you deserve.

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