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After a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2023 | Divorce

Older persons might find their marriage is no longer working, so they file for divorce. The term gray divorce refers to such older persons in Florida and elsewhere choosing to end their marriage. Resources about gray divorce may discuss the reasons behind older persons deciding to end the marriage, which might provide insights to those planning to file for divorce. However, some may need insights into life after a gray divorce concludes.

A significant life change

A gray divorce represents a significant change in a person’s life, which could be overwhelming. Going from married to single when over age 50 might present someone with financial and emotional challenges they did not expect. Dealing with the overwhelming emotional response may require working with a therapist and making self-care a top priority.

Taking steps to address mental health and wellness is vital, as is looking toward a path of financial stability. A serious concern of an older person looking to return to single life would be transitioning to supporting themselves. Effective retirement planning could help those facing such a situation. Exploring work-from-home job opportunities might present a decent supplemental income. Others may look into gig jobs and other endeavors.

Divorce negotiations and financial matters

Older persons concerned with their financial future may benefit from negotiating a thoughtful division of assets. Someone who may struggle financially living in the family home alone could find it preferable to seek to have the home sold, and the proceedings split between the spouses. There are other considerations those going through a divorce may weigh.

Procuring appropriate amounts of child and spousal support may help someone maintain their financial footing after the divorce. Negotiating a fair amount of maintenance and support could reduce financial stress while searching for a more stable income.