Giving Men An Equal Voice In Divorce

What to consider before ending your marriage

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2023 | Child support

Florida law treats men and women the same as it relates to property division, child custody or other divorce matters. Therefore, if you are a man contemplating a divorce, it may be possible to get your fair share of assets or financial support from your spouse. Of course, there are also drawbacks men need to consider when seeking to terminate their marriages.

The potential pitfalls of divorce

If you have kids, you may be responsible for paying child support until your child turns 18 or beyond. Furthermore, if you are the breadwinner in the relationship, you may be required to make alimony payments or provide other resources to your spouse. Finally, it’s not uncommon for men to primarily rely on their spouses for emotional support. Therefore, you might lose your support system if you get a divorce.

The potential benefits of divorce

Ending a toxic marriage can improve your physical and mental health, which may make it easier to hold a job or be a good parent to your kids. You may also have an opportunity to move into a less expensive home or move closer to friends or family members after a divorce is finalized. Finally, ending your marriage may provide you with an opportunity to fully engage in your personal hobbies or spend more time growing as a professional.

Ending your marriage is a decision that can have a significant impact on all aspects of your life. Ideally, you’ll take a proactive approach to ending your marriage such as gathering financial and other documents that will be needed during settlement talks. If you share children with your spouse, medical records and witness statements may be used to bolster your chances of obtaining custody or other rights to your children.