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What are some reasons for divorce in Florida?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | Divorce

As of August 2023, data from puts the Florida divorce rate at 13%. This divorce rate is the sixth highest in the United States. Infidelity is a common conflict that causes divorce. However, a survey of divorced people revealed other conflicts that cause divorce more often than infidelity.

Money problems

Investopedia reports that 41% of American families say money is a source of tension in their homes. Considering that, it’s no surprise that financial problems often result in divorce. Mismanaging money, hiding bills, arguing overspending and lacking sufficient income are money issues that contribute to divorce.

Career decisions

Some careers create factors that can contribute to divorce. A career that requires long hours or extensive travel can reduce time spent with family or quality time spent with a spouse. When a couple can’t spend time together, it can harm intimacy and communication. High-stress careers can also cause conflicts within a marriage.

Parenting conflicts

Parenting differences can strain a marriage and cause conflict between couples. If one parent is strict and the other is lenient, this could cause them to argue about how best to raise the children. Most notably, differing opinions about discipline and religion often lead to marital conflict.

Household labor

Resentment can grow if one partner feels burdened with most household responsibilities. In addition to resentment, the spouse can feel neglected and taken for granted. Eventually, this situation can affect how the spouse feels about the marriage.

Open and honest communication before and during marriage can reduce the likelihood of divorce. Some issues might make divorce unavoidable, but some issues that contribute to divorce are preventable.