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Co-parenting issues with a narcissist

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2023 | Parenting time

Co-parenting has complexities, and reasonable divorced spouses might devise a plan that considers the child’s best interests. Unfortunately, not every ex-spouse is reasonable, creating problems that might bring the former partners back into a Florida family court. One parent could be a narcissist, which could have a ripple effect that hurts the child’s development and makes life difficult for an ex-spouse.

Co-parenting troubles with a narcissist

A narcissistic personality disorder is a psychological condition that leads someone to become obsessed with their own self-importance. Individuals may place their needs above others, including their children’s. Narcissists could become abusive and neglectful, undermining their ability to parent effectively.

A person’s narcissistic behavior might destroy a marriage and lead to a high-conflict divorce. Since there are children in the union, an ex-spouse might continue to deal with stress and troubles when attempting to maintain a co-parenting arrangement with such a troubled person.

There are numerous ways a narcissistic ex-spouse could become problematic. The narcissist may attempt to invade an ex-spouse’s privacy and encroach on their boundaries. The narcissist could become abusive toward the child by constantly questioning them about an ex-spouse or attempting to pit the child against the other parent. Such behaviors can become untenable and require addressing in a Florida courtroom.

Addressing troubles with a narcissistic parent

During a custody hearing, one spouse could call attention to the other one’s narcissistic behavior. The court places the child’s best interests above everything else when making custody decisions. The court may impose conditions if one spouse can prove risks associated with the other parent’s behavior. For example, visitations might require supervision at a designated location if there are worries about the child’s well-being.

Even after a divorce becomes final, and a custody arrangement is set up, a return to court may be unavoidable if one parent’s behavior is harmful to the child. Unfortunately, such behavior is not always uncommon with narcissists.