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Top 3 mistakes men make during their divorce

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Divorce

Florida men may face unique challenges and pressures during their divorces. Unfortunately, they often make mistakes during the divorce process that can have significant negative consequences.

Letting emotions rule the divorce process

Divorce can be a highly emotional and stressful experience, and it can be tempting to lash out at your spouse or make decisions based on anger or hurt. However, making emotional decisions during a divorce can lead to poor outcomes. It’s crucial to remain calm and rational during the process, especially when negotiating important issues such as child custody, property division and spousal support.

Hiding assets or income

Hiding assets or income may be done to protect assets or reduce the amount of spousal support or child support men must pay. However, this is illegal and can result in serious consequences.

If you are caught hiding assets or income during a divorce, you may be required to pay additional fines or penalties, damaging your credibility with the court. It’s important to be honest about your assets and income during the divorce process and work with your attorney to ensure that everything is properly accounted for and divided.

Not being open to negotiation or mediation

Divorce settlements often involve negotiation and compromise. Some men make the mistake of approaching the process with an adversarial attitude, which can lead to lengthy and costly court battles. Being open to negotiation and considering alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation can help achieve a more amicable and cost-efficient resolution.

Avoid costly mistakes

Divorce is a give-and-take with your ex-spouse and avoiding mistakes can help you come out unscathed. Making the right choices will ensure you start your new life after a fair division of marital assets and with your child custody rights intact. By keeping tension and dishonesty out of the equation, men can minimize any losses associated with divorce.