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Alternating custody alternatives for Florida fathers

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2023 | Child support

Alternating weeks has to be one of the most common custody arrangements available to Florida fathers after divorce. This is where the kids will go back and forth between parents in an even 50/50 custody split, spending seven days with one parent and seven days with the other.

Other cons related to alternating weeks

Alternating weeks sounds easy enough, but it can be hard for children to switch houses that often. Instead of being allowed to settle into one place, this schedule is constantly uprooting the children.

It can also be hard for children to go an entire week without seeing one of their parents. The constant back and forth can cause immense anxiety, especially if it’s paired with parents who don’t get along.

Disruptive for the parents as well

Fathers might have difficulty adjusting their work schedule every other week to reflect the custody arrangement. It can be challenging for any parent to take off work early or get to work late to get the kids to and from school on time.

This type of custody arrangement also leads to more communication between you and your ex-wife. You’ll likely have to talk with them to coordinate pick-ups, drop-offs, etc.

Alternative custody arrangements

There are other options if you and your ex-wife are interested in an equal, 50/50 custody schedule. There are custody arrangements that have your children switching every two days or more if you’re concerned about the time spent away from your child.

But if you have younger children, you might decide that alternating on weekends is the best solution to give your child as much stability as possible. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your spouse to choose the best custody option for your family.