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What should fathers know during custody battles?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | Child support

Many fathers experience intense emotional court battles as they try to negotiate custody disputes. Even those who enjoy a relatively amicable relationship with their child’s other parent may still deal with the emotional fall-out of custody disagreements. Florida fathers who follow certain steps may experience a less stressful custody battle.

Emotional control

Custody battles often result in vicious verbal disagreements and text exchanges between ex-spouses. For fathers, keeping your emotions reined in reduces the chances that your ex could use your temper against you in trial. The judge will also pay close attention to your emotions, and a failure to keep your emotions under control may factor negatively in your custody battle.

Keep up with child support

Some fathers express frustration at having to continue to pay child support when custody battles become difficult or combative. Child support payments may seem especially unfair if your spouse interrupts visitation. However, remaining consistent in your support demonstrates that you can provide for the child and prioritize their financial well-being over emotional disagreements.

Take an active role in parenting

Becoming actively involved in your children’s lives demonstrates that your relationship with them takes priority over any inconvenience. You may show the court that you actively develop a relationship with your children by taking the following steps:

  • Call frequently.
  • Attend school extracurricular events.
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences.
  • Help with homework.
  • Assign and supervise chores.
  • Take children to the doctor when they are sick.

Keep financial records

Even if you do not believe your child custody battle will become difficult, you should maintain records of any financial expense you cover. These include:

  • Child support
  • School fees
  • Diapers
  • Formula
  • Athletic equipment
  • School tuition

Keep focused

Custody battles may test your patience and cause severe emotional distress for everyone involved. But fathers who prioritize their children and remained focused on the long-term custody goals help to create a healthier environment for their children.