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How Florida fathers can ask for a child support modification

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2023 | Child support

Florida fathers who have been through a divorce with young children know the impact of child support. They can make a huge difference in caring for your child. But it can have a less positive effect on the parent who is making the payments.

Child support orders can be modified if one parent can make a good enough case to the court. A father may request for child support to be increased or decreased, but the burden of proof is on them, since they are requesting the change.

When is child support modification granted?

The court is most likely to seriously consider a child support modification if something has changed in one (or both) of the parent’s incomes. For example, if the father loses their job, it’s understandable to temporarily lower the amount of child support they pay.

Similarly, if a father has primary custody and has lost their job, they can ask for child support payments to be increased temporarily. Fathers can also request a child support increase if the needs of the child have become more expensive.

Generally, if the child has special medical needs or education needs that are driving up the cost of care, that’s a great argument for child support to be increased.

What about positive changes in income

Fathers can also request an increase in child support payments if they believe that their ex-spouse’s income has gone up. Similarly, a parent could request a decrease for the same reasons.

In this case, the father would also have to provide evidence that the change is needed for the benefit of the child. You can request a modification just because the other spouse is suddenly making more.

It’s no question that fathers love and want to support their child, and only wants the best for them. It’s not abnormal for the needs of child support to change as the children grow up, so requesting modifications is normal.