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Helping You Keep Your Property Through Your Divorce

Whether married for five years or 40, you and your spouse likely acquired some assets together. When facing divorce, figuring out how to divide this property can be daunting and often a source of contention between spouses.

One of the most important aspects of a divorce is the division of property. In Florida, the property is divided under equitable distribution when you can’t come to an agreement outside of court. This means that all property acquired during a marriage will be divided in a way deemed fair by the parties or the court.

Our experienced divorce lawyers at Divorce For Men can help you identify and categorize your property so that you can determine what you should keep after your divorce.

Dividing Property In A Way That Is Also Fair To You

  • Marital property includes assets and debts that the spouses obtained during the marriage, typically including homes, vehicles, jewelry, artwork, investments and interests in a business.
  • Separate property is not subject to division under Florida divorce law. It includes anything that one spouse owns before the marriage or property that is inherited or gifted to one specific spouse.

Our attorneys can help you determine if your property is separate or marital and determine what your rights are.

A couple has an opportunity to figure out how they want to divide the property without the court’s involvement. If spouses can’t agree, the court will decide for them. The court may consider the length of the marriage, the income of each spouse and their careers and education, any children involved and the contribution of each party to the marriage.

There are ways to divide property before letting the courts step in. We are here to help you with those alternative methods, such as a collaborative divorce where you and your spouse come to a mutually beneficial agreement on the terms of your divorce.

Here To Help You Get What You Deserve

Property division can become tense and stressful during a divorce. Each spouse obviously wants to keep what they consider to be theirs. We can help you come out of your divorce with what you deserve.

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